american flag animationText Box: New coal full-cycle 
power generation methods
Text Box: Rare earth and rare elements 
extraction from coal
Text Box: Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD)
power generation from coal
Text Box: Future configurations for smaller decentralized coal power plants
Text Box: Oxygen separation to improve 
modular gasification systems
Text Box: Carbon storage program funding
Text Box: The definitive peer-reviewed journal focused on power generation fuels and associated technology research

From the Cambridge Core:

The MRS Journal of 
Energy & Sustainability
Text Box: Volume & totals for 2017
(physical commodity 
not abstract offset reductions!)

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Text Box: NETL 2018 Carbon Capture 
Technology Compendium  (46 MB)


Text Box: Direct conversion of CO2  into carbon using electrocatalysis in a liquid metal substrate