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Text Box: Representative technical trade journal articles itemizing the benefits of at-source carbon emissions conversion based upon the German “Chempark” system for creating self-financing employment and training “Opportunity Zones”  may be viewed here.
Text Box: First in the world:
The SaskPower Boundary Dam
carbon capture and storage
coal-fired power plant
Text Box: A practical option for addressing 
the issue of stack gas CO2 conversion:
ThyssenKrupp’s “Carbon2Chem” process
Text Box: Current (June 2019) global listing of municipal 
waste-to-energy power generating facilities
Text Box: All data on this site is available  
through Google Scholar,  SciHub (Asia) and
Drexel University’s online postgraduate library
Text Box: For real-world methods for financing CCUS and independent power plant projects, please click here.

Courtesy of 
the US Department of Energy
Text Box: Proposal
Text Box: .ZIP Enclosures

Revision 1:  Taxpayer Versus Private Funding

Text Box: This Website provides power plant industry-specific archives available free of charge for downloading as a professional courtesy.   

Click here  for the full archive index. 

Please preface the desired document’s  name with this site’s URL and a forward slash then hit RETURN.
Text Box: Current Producer Price, Commodity Carbon Dioxide:  $355.40/MT
Text Box: Current Price, Carbon Offset:  $0.20/MT  (courtesy of 
CO2 Zone
Text Box: NETL 2018 Carbon Capture 
Technology Compendium  (46 MB)
Text Box: 2019 Outlook of U.S. Power Generation Plant Construction Through 2050 courtesy of EIA

Typical  CCUS  Retrofit  Thermal  Plant Schematic

In August, a separate page devoted to 
power plant construction cost estimating & associated practices will be posted here.
Text Box: NOTE: A critical rejoinder to the above reflecting 
current best practices in the power industry
is forthcoming  not later than 18 July 2019
Text Box: U.S. Federal Carbon Capture 
and Utilization Blueprint  
Dated May 2019
Courtesy of the Carbon Capture Coalition