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Export power plant project financing

Text Box: How to do retrofitted modular four-step 
Carnegie-Ford surplus process asset 
redeployment at a profit without 
disrupting refinery operations, 
courtesy of Siluria Technologies, 
The Wood Group and 
“Hydrocarbon Processing Magazine”

This may be the ideal process template to emulate 
for use at the refinery for the recovery of 
the waste products indicated, and also as a model 
for onsite CO2 conversion into ethane, methanol, 
formic acid and other hydrocarbon products 
if retrofitted to thermal power plant facilities.
Text Box: The technology FutureGen 2.0 was meant to provide to the U.S. coal fleet but abandoned now leads the world in the People’s Republic of China

Please read this article for more details:

“Development of 
Coal Gasification Technology in China” 

By Professors Wang Fuchen, Yu Guangsuo and Guo Qinghua
School of Resources and Environmental Engineering,
East China University of Science and Technology