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Power plant construction & manufacturing cost estimation


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Export power plant project financing

Text Box: Carbon Dioxide in Greenhouses
courtesy of the
Ontario Ministry of  Agriculture, 
Food and Rural Affairs
Text Box: UPDATE: 1Jan 2018

New North American private-sector 
captured CO2 utilization processing facilities 
Text Box: Global export/import CO2 prices & volume of trade, 
totals for 2016  
(physical commodities
 not abstract offsets!)

Sample F.O.B. export pricing per metric tonne for

fiscal year 2015:

Canada  $610

USA  $150

Norway  $90

Oman  $400

Text Box: Journal of CO2 Utilization
A Reed-Elsevier peer reviewed engineering & scientific journal
Text Box: How to do non-disruptive carbon conversion innovation correctly: build new profit centres on the shoulders of the old whilst creating new jobs & upgrading skills.

The Chemical Parks of Germany

Visit, observe, then emulate.
Text Box: Download the open-source 2012 compendium "Gasification for Practical Applications" edited by Yongseung Yun, ISBN 978-953-51-0818-4

Chapter 7 of this magisterial work lists dozens of installations worldwide.
Text Box: Here is a fiscally-troubled U.S. power plant slideshow which sites are either full newbuild or conversion prospects for non-disruptive co-production of chemicals and electrical power as per the Carnegie-Ford template.

Here is a list of scheduled power plant closures evincing various degrees of readiness for re-purposing as co-producing power plants.
Text Box: Practical horticultural advice for CO2 enrichment of indoor plant growth environments is detailed at this site from the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board, Warwickshire UK.